[These comments derive from my page on the website, where my images of women have been featured since 2006.]


“I am convinced that people will never be as beautiful as they are when you are photographing them.”

“I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for your work. The ethereal, mystic qualities that you bring out of your subjects are simply incredible. There is such warmth and humanity, at the same time, such spirituality.”

“I love the primal, beautiful, earthy, creative and free spirited feel of your work. You are most definitely a kindred spirit.”

“The atmosphere you create is hauntingly beautiful and serene. Viewing your art causes the mind to dip into a pool of mysterious darkness. Divine!”

“Your photographs have such tenderness. I find them enthralling.”

“Without reservation, I love your work. I will return again and again to see these deeply touching images. They are indeed ineffably beautiful. Thanks for working with the human figure with such grace and authenticity.”

“Your work creates angels, as much as the angels create your work. I hope to grow some fairy wings to fly to your forest one day.”

“This work makes me want to weep. So beautiful.”

“You have a long, slow eye that captures fleeting moments with such care and tenderness. Beautiful work.”

“You display a wonderfully vibrant range in your portfolio: emotional intensity, gorgeous body language, expressive faces and refined sensuality - absolutely stunning.”

“You capture mood and beauty with such sophisticated simplicity. These images are truly haunting and transcend the everyday to that place of imagination and unfading beauty. Your work is truly remarkable.”

“Very beautiful relationship between you, the model, and the camera.”

“I'm shocked how you portray extraordinary women in a timeless way. As if you created them.”

“Your respect for women is apparent in every single glorious image: giving space for a range of emotions, all of which is beautiful and utterly enchanting.”

“Your pictures capture the spiritual essence of femininity.”

“There is a wonderful honesty to your work.”

“Steven is one of the kindest and gentlest photographers you could ever work with. A great spirit, always relaxing to be around, with a wonderous talent. Not to mention, a real friend!”

“Beyond beautiful work. You capture sincerity, innocence, pure magic.”

“Pure-consciousness just shines through your work.”

“Love your Art ... Such Zen.”

“I have fallen hopelessly in love with the gazes of your fine muses. You capture the Portal of Mystery.”

“Your eye for intensity and feeling, be it in the pose, the look, the setting, but most importantly, in all three, is absolutely incredible.”

“Bright slivers of intimate time, painted in light. Beyond the artistry is the personality of the work. The contact between model and photographer is obvious and palpable.”

“You imbue each model with a haunting beauty, often posed with what normally would be looked at as disturbing objects and imagery, and instead is transformed into a black and white poem with the power to inspire even the utmost jaded of artist, such as myself.”

“I'm not particularly spiritual, but your work has such a wonderful aura.”

“It's an honor to witness such an inspiring union of art and craft. You capture and portray beauty in its highest, most inspiring form.”

“I see your art as a way of making love to what you perceive and celebrate of humanity.”

“Your models are all very unique & beautiful. You seem to have a knack for finding faces that are out of the ordinary and photograph very well.”

“Whenever one of your photographs leads me to a page of a model, for some reason I never find it as satisfying as the woman in your photograph. You really do capture something very special about them.

“I really love the way you capture the essence of feminine beauty…the raw beauty that is the divine goddess.”

“Thank you for sharing your translation of the beauty of women with us all.”

“I am in awe of your talent and the work you invest in your art.”

“Renews my faith in the survival of the classical form!”

“Your work is breath taking. As I sit here this beautiful morning and look over your work, I am not only entranced by the movement of your images, but also inspired. What you have is art: pure art that could touch anyone's heart. I just wanted to let you know how deeply appreciative I am of your pictures.”