Writings Articles
In Pursuit of the Sublime: Reflections on my Work

I'm interviewed by the editor of Combustus, an on-line magazine of contemporary art with a spiritual edge. Musings on art, photography, creativity, intuition, inspiration, and art as a form of spiritual practice.

On Photographing the Nude

An extended meditation on the aesthetics, psychology, theology, and ethics of photographing women, focusing on the nude.

The Camera Lens as Third-Eye

A brief article commissioned for the debut issue (theme: "Imagination") of Practical Matters, "a transdisciplinary multimedia journal of religious practices and practical theology," from Emory University. Photography as a process of seeing - both aesthetic and spiritual.

Introduction to "Haunting Children"

A brief essay introducing Haunting Children: Excavating the Dead from Found Photographs, a collection of vintage images (1880s to 1940s) of the young - collected over many years. I approach the material from the standpoint of humanism and aesthetics (rather than history and documentary).