Comments from models I’ve worked with

These and many other comments from models (as well as photographers) can be found on my Modelmayhem page (some are from private correspondence on the same site).

"I love love LOVE the pictures! It was great meeting and working with you. I hope you had as much fun as I did."
—Brittany B.

"I loved working with you! So excited to see the results. You made it so easy for me to be comfortable and I feel like you have so much wisdom. I love it! Hope to work with you again."
—Sophia T.

"I feel so fortunate to have worked with a gifted, talented artist such as yourself. I would absolutely love to collaborate with you again. I looked at some of your newer work and am so in awe. You are the photographic equivalent of Mozart, a true visionary poet and composer, though you create your music and poetry through images instead of words and sound."

 "I had a great day working with you today. Thank you for understanding and being patient with me especially since it was my first photo shoot. I hope to schedule another photo session with you soon."
—Sarah C.

"What a lovely day we had … the shoot, the conversation, all of it. thanks steve! Xoxo"

". . . A commercial agent in Hollywood has already submitted me on a couple things around this area, which I am really excited about, and he LOVES your photos! I am getting a lot of great feedback on the images that you captured. And you are such a nice person as well, especially for taking pics of my sis to start her portfolio. Thank you so much for everything!!"
—Melissa N.

"Guys, this is a great photographer and an awesome person to work with!"
—Ana D.

"I adore the images... they are lovely. Thank you! I especially enjoy the one you chose as your avatar. It was a pleasure shooting together. Hope to do it again sometime!"

"Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Steve, please take it! He’s amazing to work with, and as you can see he produces amazing photos."
—Michelle Y.

"Thanks again for the incredible photos. I never thought I’d be so happy to stare at myself! Can’t wait to see them online [hint]. Talk to you soon."
—Wynd M.

"Great working with you Steven! You’re so fun and interesting. You truly are an inspiration, not only in your gorgeous photography but in your words as well. I can’t believe you made such gorgeous images out of us sitting and chatting about philosophy and life and having fun. Amazing!"
—Monikka D.

"Wooow! Thank you so so so so so (x a million!) much for the pictures. they are simply beautiful! Great news: from the pictures of yours alone that i have posted onto my profile, i have been contacted by a photographer who is interested in passing my details and portfolio onto a client of his for this september’s new york fashion week! (despite my height!). I have also been astonished at the amount of mail and offers i have received and comments on my profile, so thank you so much again!"
—Helen D.

"I am MORE than interested in collaborating with you. i am a huge fan of your work, and visit your portfolio for the calming effect it has on me, frequently. so, yes, i am interested/thrilled/eager and looking forward to hearing more from you regarding your vision, and setting something up!"

"i loved working with you! i loved meeting you! and i love the pics!!!! Have a wonderful day and talk to you soon!"

"My mother is still crazy about those dance pictures we did. I would love to come up there and work with you again sometime."
—Asha T.

Positively an honor working with you, and an absolute pleasure getting to know you.